Lingen (Ems) – central location between the North Sea coast, the Ruhr region and the Netherlands...

...with over 20 million inhabitants and excellent transport connections:

Connection to federal highways

  • Via the B 70 (connection between the Ruhr region and the North Sea port of Emden)
  • Via the B 213 (E 233 - International road connection to Scandinavia, Benelux countries and France)
  • Via the B 214 (starts in Lingen (Ems) and continues via Hanover to Braunschweig)

Motorway connection

  • Via the A 30 motorway (east-west connection) and
  • Via the A 31 motorway (north-south connection)


Rail connection

  • Via the railway line connecting the Ruhr region and North Sea coast, with own turnout track

Waterway connection

  • Via the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal

 Media supply

  • Advanced telecommunications infrastructure with fibre-optic connectivity
  • Electricity and steam supply in all power ranges thanks to RWE power plant
  • Optimal natural gas supply via various natural gas pipelines
  • Water supply and wastewater disposal for the highest requirements
  • Efficient infrastructure partners for each individual requirement without compulsory contributions