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Leisure and recreation:

Lingen is ahead of the field even in terms of the “soft” factors

What would you like to take in this evening? Operas, musicals, concerts, boulevard theatre and various cultural events are part of our daily programme. There is a wide range to choose from even and especially for children. Well over 100 performances each season guarantee you a lively cultural experience at the theatre.


With the “Emslandhallen”, the city of Lingen (Ems) offers a nationally recognised exhibition and events centre. For decades we have attracted many visitors with our national and international exhibitions, trade fairs and concerts. In our completely new multipurpose arena, Lingen is ushering in a new age of entertainment for the entire region: the EmslandArena offers multifunctional space for high-profile national and international events featuring music, sports and cabaret.


In addition to its art school and its music school, the city of Lingen (Ems) also offers the “Alter Schlachthof” centre for children, youth and culture, which offers varied programmes by and for young people.


“Kunsthalle” Lingen, in the impressive former railway repair factory, and the “Professorenhaus” are further cultural centres of supra-regional importance.


Sports for everyone

Our football fields, gymnasiums, tennis, horse riding and water sports facilities, and an 18-hole golf course leave little to be desired for sports enthusiasts. With more than 80 sports clubs, Lingen (Ems) also offers a wide range of club activities. In addition to Lingen’s twelve sports centres with 40 grass pitches we boast the Emsland stadium with athletics facilities and a synthetic track that meets international standards.


18 sports halls, four gymnasiums and a dance hall provide plenty of room for indoor sports – for school sports, club sports and even non-organised sports.


Our sports and leisure pool LINUS is well-known even outside the region and attracts many visitors to Lingen (Ems).


Nature and landscape in and around Lingen (Ems), Geester Lake and the Ems valley landscape conservancy reserve provide rest and relaxation from the hectic everyday business life.

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