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The excellent educational services attract young people to the city – and excellent companies make sure they stay

Lingen has been a university location since the 90’s

Education and training is a priority in Lingen. University, vocational academy, vocational, technical and specialised schools, vocational training centres for crafts and trades and the adult education centre with continuing education institution for information technology offer a wide range of educational opportunities.


Young people come to Lingen to study business management and communication studies degree programmes. The campus is also growing: over 2,000 young people are now studying in Lingen, departments are growing and new courses are being designed.


Families can find the whole range of secondary schools for their children in Lingen. The university ideally supplements this offering.


There is an ongoing transfer of knowledge between universities and businesses. The technical-managerial and communication study programmes at the University of Osnabrück and the dual business study programmes of the Institute for Dual Study Programmes work closely with local business.


Many students already gain valuable experience in the course of their studies working for companies in the city. The city of Lingen (Ems) offers almost ideal conditions in particular for education and training for industries related to the IndustriePark Lingen.


The university, the vocational academy and vocational schools in Lingen provide education and training in the following fields:


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Business information technology
  • Industrial engineering with business studies
  • Business administration and management of operational systems
  • International infrastructure management
  • Metals technology
  • Chemistry
  • Communication and management
  • Management and organisation
  • Technology analysis, engineering and management
  • Engineering technical systems


Within a radius of 200 kilometers are studying at 36 universities and colleges over 445,000 students. About 263,000 students studying machinebuilding industry, more than 267,000 Chemistry and 433,000 business administration or economics. With many of these universities companies from Lingen have a lively exchange. 


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