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Lingen, a child- and family-friendly city

Innovative living concepts and comprehensive medical care support make Lingen a great city to live in

Optimal conditions for balancing work and family life ensure that qualified employees will stay for the long term. In addition to our five family centres, the first company kindergartens in Lingen offer optimum conditions in this area. All the schools have implemented all-day childcare. Thanks to the “Business and Family” programme, the reconciliation of family and work now also plays a central role in municipal economic policy.


In addition to the financial benefits for families as part of the “Lingen Family Pass”, we above all provide a high quality of living – including thanks to the provision of land for affordable housing in attractive residential areas. That is why in our region more people own their own house than elsewhere in Germany, helping bind people to the region and to their employers. Attractive and inexpensive housing leads to greater living space per resident – another feel-good factor.


According to the “Germany 2020” study conducted by the Berlin Institute, Lingen (Ems) and the Emsland are among the first three regions of Germany with a positive demographic forecast.


 Further proof of Emland’s family-friendliness is the Prognos Family Report 2012, which classes the Emsland region among the top regions in Germany with respect to its diverse offerings and well organised regional family policy.



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