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Lingen on the Ems – part of Emsland

Emsland continues with Lingen’s success story on a larger scale.

Emsland has benefitted considerably from the intelligent infrastructure projects over the last decades and is now considered a flagship region. The region is now home to more than 10,000 medium and numerous large companies, many ‘hidden champions’ and functioning networks.


The Energy Efficiency Agency Emsland and Emsland Climate Conference are examples of climate and environmental protection projects in the district – sustainable business activity is one of our priorities.


Emsland was one of three pilot regions in Lower Saxony in the project “Zukunftsregion Gesundheit” (health region of the future). The foundation of the training company “MeiLEnstein” (milestone) shows that outpatient medical care for the population is being pursued over the long term as an important future objective. We are proactively preparing for the demographic changes with initiatives such as the Emsland Family Centre and Emsland Work and Family Foundation.


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