High employment and low unemployment rate

Lingen continues to grow – making it particularly attractive for young people in the region

Companies in Lingen have created an interesting employment market for both employers and employees in the last few decades. The number of employees subject to social security contributions has risen steadily – companies in Lingen today employ more than 24,000 people.


Lingen is young. Almost one in ten residents of Lingen are between 18 and 25 years old; another 41 percent are under 35 years old. People feel comfortable in Lingen and start families. They have considerably more children than in other regions. People moving to Lingen also add to the future workforce.


Unemployment rates in 2014 were once again well below the national average:

  • 3.2% in Lingen (Ems)
  • 6.7% in Germany


Emsland is one of the TOP regions in a Germany-wide comparison, according to Prognos Family Atlas 2012. The high employment rate, the low unemployment and youth unemployment rate, and the positive development of employment subject to social security contributions, stand out in particular.


You can find more information on Lingen (Ems) at: www.lingen.de